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Mukarnas SPA Resort Hotel  Antalya - Alanya Hotels 

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Mukarnas SPA Resort Hotel - Alanya Hotels - Hotel Alanya - 5 Star Hotels

Standard Triple Room:Totally 264 standard rooms vary from 24 to 30 sqm. It is the room category with French bed and 1 sngl bed formed by a room and a Bath / Wc,Tv,Central –aircondition. Maximum capacity of the rooms is 3 persons.

Standard Room:Totally 80 standard rooms vary from 23 to 28 sqm. It is the room category with French bed or twin bed formed by a room and a Bath / Wc. Maximum capacity of the rooms is 2 persons.

Rooms for Disabled : Totally 4 disabled rooms are evaluated under the standard room and connected with standard room category and designed specially.

No-smokers Room:Totally 20 rooms in the main building have been designed for no smoking guests.

Junior Suit Room: Totally 54 Junior Suits are for 35 sqm and have been designed with laminated solid as 1 bedroom with 1 bathroom/ WC.

Family Suit Room: 7 Family suites have been designed with laminated solid are for 65 sqm... 2 bedrooms, 1 Bathroom . Minimum capacity: 4, Max. Capacity: 6 persons

Executive Suit Room:Totally 10 rooms under the family category have been designed with with laminated solid 1 living room 2 bedrooms one of which with French bed and the other is with twin beds, 2 bathroom with bath Jacuzzi /shower/wc. Are for 80 sgm . Minimum capacity: 4+1, Max. Capacity: 6 persons

King Suite: 1 King Suites have been designed with laminated solid on an area for 120 sqm. 1 bedroom, 1 living room, 1 Bath room shower/wc with Jacuzzi , 1servis corner.

Food and Beverage:

Breakfast (main restaurant ) 07.00-10.00 (Open Buffet)

Late breakfast (main restaurant) 10.00-11.00 (lunch ALTERNATIVES)

Lunch Buffet (main restaurant) 12.30-14.30 (Open Buffet)

Snack Bar 12:30-15.30 (Fast Food)

Diner (main restaurant) 19.30-21.30 (Open Buffet)

A'la Carte Restaurant 19.30-21.30 -- Sultan's Restaurant

A'la Carte Restaurant 19.30-21.30 -- Chines Restaurant

A'la Carte Restaurant 19.30-21.30 -- Italian Restaurant

A'la Carte Restaurant 19.30-21.30 -- Fish Restaurant

*A'la Carte Restaurants serve 6 days require reservation

Midnight Snack (main restaurant) 23:30-00:30 (Mini Buffet)


Buffets:Diet Buffet, theme buffet, children and vegetarian buffet are available in addition to the presentation of the food and beverage at our open buffet at the main restaurant under the concept.

Restaurant service: During the lunch and dinner time beverages served to the table.

Cafe Bar 24 Hours -- Ultra All inclusive Concept

Pool Bar 10.00-24.00 -- Ultra All inclusive Concept

Snack Bar 10.00-17.00 -- Ultra All inclusive Concept

Beach Bar 10.00-24.00 -- Ultra All inclusive Concept

Vitamin Bar 10.00-20.00 -- Concantreted frit juices

Lobby Bar 10.00-23.30 -- Ultra All inclusive Concept

Disco 24.00-02.30 -- Ultra All inclusive Concept

Free Sport Activities: Beach-volleyball, fitness, tennis court , table tennis,

Sport Activities (Charged) : Banana, parasailing, jet-ski, catamaran (licensed), water ski, yacht tour, diving school and all other water sports with motor

SPA Services (Charged): Different type of Masages, solarium, rubbing with bath glove, steam bath and special therapy and baths

Free SPA Services: 2 Turkishbath, Finbath, 2 sauna and indoor pool, indoor Jacuzzi


Coast Line:Sand and gravel

Length of the coast:150 m

Width of the coast:30 m

Umbrella, chaise lounge:Free

Bally Hause:Free  (with reservation )

Beach Towels:One daily towel and a card are delivered at the pool per each guest.

Hotels 1300 m2 outdoor swimming pool, 300 m2 indoor pool, Outdoor children's swimming pool 200 m2, 10 m2 children's pool, aqua pool is 150 m2. 4.60 m high, aqua 10:00 to 12:00 / 14:00 to 17:30 hours, 10:00 to 12:00 in mini club aqua / 14:00 to 17:30 hours facilities.

Activities:Activities in day time, aerobic, gymnastic, stretching, step, dart, ping pong, beach volley ball, water gymnastic, water ball, water slide, activities in the night time, shows, coast parties, entertainments after show, live music, kids club,  amphitheatre (with 500 seats)

Meeting Halls: Seminar, symposium, training and other organizations. Totally 3 hallsand one of them is available the biggest of which has a capacity for 500 guests for multipurpose with stage and back stage rooms.  2  halls for the capacity of 50 guests.

Technical Equipments:DVD Player, sound systems, light systems, slide projector,  desk, reflective curtain, flipchart, TV slide reflector, microphone, cordless microphone, desk microphone

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Emirhan Hotel & SPA
Side / Antalya

64 $  All Inclusive

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Aydinbey Gold Dreams Hotel
Alanya - Antalya13.09.2011 - 03.10.2011
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Fame Residence Göynük
15.09 - 30.09.2011
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